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Theistic evolution and purpose

edited April 2014 in General

I have finally read a book on theistic evolution. The strongest argument is that evolution has a purpose. So you ask, how's that?

The author argues that the best instrument to survive is intelligence (evidence for this is that humans, who lack many advanced instruments [claws, eyes, echo, etc] that other animals have, are dominant - he treats this as an obvious fact), therefore those with higher intelligence are favored by natural selection. Even if this takes very long time, in the end natural selection will favor intelligence in the form of simple nervous system, which can connect and coordinate the various instruments. 

As natural selection progresses, more intelligent animals will evolve and finally we have homo sapiens. Even if it weren't homo sapiens, the author argues, it would have been another animal that would have been able to talk, interact, think, etc, and therefore would be able to recognize and pray to god.

What do you think?

Read more of the article here at its source.
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