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What would a Rationalist political party look like?

edited March 2014 in General

What would the platform and agenda of a Rationalist party be? What systems would it favor?

The term Rationalist may appear loaded at first, or perhaps even so universal as to lack real meaning in a political sense. However, if fully embraced it would be a meaningful and new approach to politics. In terms of policy it would mean subjugating the role of tradition, ideology, emotion, and even popularity/consensus to logic and reason. There could be many drawbacks to such an approach, and thus it's not a vacuous term like The Truth Party, or The Always Right Do-Gooder Party.

I'm not saying I know what a platform would look like, or that these are perfect examples, but I think the application would look like this::

1) Mountains of data suggests prohibition is more harmful than any drug. Therefore, end prohibition.

2) Liberty and equality are utopian ideals which find themselves at odds in the prevailing dichotomy of capitalism and communism, which has nothing to do with the science of economics. Left and Right wing policies would be implemented towards the most productive, quantifiable ends. There would be no resentment of "moochers", nor any consideration for the philosophical implications of inequality.

3) Immigration would be determined by economic data, not national identity.

4) Of course gay people can get married... that is, if marriage should at all be a legal concern of the state.

Ideology and tradition are at least a basis for policy, but many laws are passed on imagination and ideology without real data. This allows for fear and manipulation.

"We must favor verifiable evidence over private feeling, otherwise we leave ourselves vulnerable to those who would obscure the truth."- Richard Dawkins

While any and all discussion is most welcome and appreciated (including personal speculation or fantasies), my questions are: Would a Rationalist Party necessarily hold to the political ideals of The Enlightenment (capitalism, representative democracy, secularism, egalitarianism, free speech, etc)? Are there any platforms inevitable to a Rationalist party? Initial goal? Long term? When is logic and reason not the best path for policy (I'm assuming that's possible)? What issues are woefully lacking in logic and reason?

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