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Spirituality without religion - Sam Harris book

edited March 2014 in General

I've just had an email notifation from the Sam Harris website that a book, 'A Guide to Spirituality Without Religion' is due out this Setember.

I suppose that since the word 'spirit' has long had supernatural or at least non-material connotations, the title may seem self-contradictory. However, I'm not aware of any other single English word that might encapsulate the idea of personal value, integrity and purpose. Personally, I am not troubled, in that I think I have moved on enough from religion (in my case Christianity) to take Harris's idea on. So in my view this book is very welcome.

But what do others think? Is religion-free spirituality possible? Or should atheists just get on with their lives and look to advances in understanding from the already existing sciences or creative arts? Is there any need to recreate something even remotely connected to any religious practice?

Read more of the article here at its source.
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