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Does the Quran make plants grow faster?

edited May 2014 in General

The pepper sprout that 'listened' to Quran recitations is seen on the right, healthy and ripe. The pepper sprout put in normal conditions is on the left. The pepper seeds subjected to melodramatic Turkish Arabesque songs is in the middle. DHA Photo

Dear members and friends of the RDF. 

Although I have visited this website daily for the past 3 years I have now decided to have my own identity here and therefore created this username: AlexEsters, which is very similar to my real name that I am not yet ready to make public. Yes, you have guessed correctly I am a "convert" and my "Rabbi" is Richard Dawkins :) For more than 8 years I watched all debates and talks and read many books from R. Dawkins, Hitchens, Sam Harris and more.

'The Selfish Gene' is my new bible! I find through Evolutionary Biology a majestic way to understand life around us. But I still have one foot in the closet. You can't imagine how difficult it is in this kind of situation with family, friends and lots more. Nevertheless I took a decision to care for what is really truth, regardless of the price I have to pay. Just like in the legend of Abraham in the midst of pagan cultures in Mesopotamia.

But I will not bore you with my private story. Instead I'd like to begin with the following article from a science class in Turkey:

"According to common belief – and even some genuine scientific studies – orchestral music helps plants grow faster, while rock riffs have the opposite effect. Now, a Turkish student appears to have found evidence that recitations of the Quran may have the same effect as classical music.

Curious to explore the melodies that make plants bloom faster, Fatma Akk?l?ç, a young student at the Milas Semiha Altunkan secondary school in the western province of Mu?la, carried out a science project in which she replaced classical music with Quran recitations and rock music with melodramatic Turkish Arabesque songs.

Akk?l?ç played an audio recording of Quran verses for five hours over the course of 20 days to a pepper sprout. A second pepper sprout was subjected only to Turkish Arabesque music, while a third grew in a silent environment.

According to Akk?l?ç, the results are undisputable. The pepper sprout that “listened” to the Quran grew 20 centimetres in 20 days, while the sprout left in total silence only grew a modest 13 centimetres. As for the pepper sprout subjected to Arabesque songs, it did not grow at all.

Akk?l?ç said Quran recitations could be used as a new nutrient for plants and vegetables. “Farmers could make plants listen to the Quran instead of using genetically modified organisms,” she added".

?From: MU?LA – Do?an News Agency Source:


My question to you is the following:

Should real science even bother to check this kind of claims? Perhaps to check vibration frequencies of languages that may be likely to influence vegetal growth. And even then, should plants care which school of thought recites what?

I know the answer I would give: This is pure BS imposed by religious demagogues to poor little victims of ignorance!

But for the sake of open mindedness I would still like to ask you if intuition in these cases is enough or whether we should always run experiments, even for claims that appear to be ridiculous. At least to prove to the world that science is loyal to objective observation. If so, should this become a kind of "moral ritual" to reaffirm our unbiased principles? Please comment!

Thanks for your time!


Read more of the article here at its source.
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